Three Things before Voting


Three things to remember before you vote:

1. The Liberal Democrats can win in South Cambs.The Lib Dems beat both Labour and the Conservatives at the European Elections back in May - and took control of South Cambs District Council at the local elections in 2018. More and more people across the UK are switching to back the Liberal Democrats on Thursday 12th December.

2. Labour can’t win in South Cambs.Labour supporters across the country are asking themselves who is best placed to beat the Conservatives and stop them from taking the country backwards. The crucial question in those places is “who can stop the Tories”? In South Cambs the answer is the Liberal Democrats.


3. Voting Labour will just help Boris Johnson’s Tories win. There is only one way to stop Boris Johnson's candidate win in South Cambs - that's by voting Liberal Democrats.


For me, Ian Sollom on Dec 12th.