Turning our Constituency Golden

We are turning our constituency golden with our orange #LibDem stakeboards. If you would like one in your garden – especially if you live on main roads or along commuter routes – do let us know by ticking the box here: www.iansollom.org/volunteer #ge2019 #votelibdem 🔶🔶 Continue reading

Jo's Plan

  Do you want to #StopBrexit? Then vote @Libdems.   #StopBrexit   It really is that simple. We're the largest, strongest Remain party. When you vote for us, you know exactly what you're getting.   #StopBrexit   No ifs, no buts. https://www.libdems.org.uk/plan Continue reading

Trans Awareness Week

It’s #TransAwarenessWeek and I am proud to stand with our trans and non-binary friends. #TransAwarenessWeek Let’s all champion a society that is more open and accepting. #TransAwarenessWeek Continue reading

Mental Health

We must give Mental Health the priority it deserves. Continue reading

Campaign Part One – Stop Brexit

The Liberal Democrats have launched their plan for the election. We want to Stop Brexit, Build a Brighter Future. Stopping Brexit, will generate a Remain Bonus for the public finances because under Remain, the economy will grow faster than under Brexit, leading to higher GDP and consequently higher public sector current receipts. This adds up to £50 billion over 5 years. This number is a fair assessment of the best available forecasts, comparing Remain to a Brexit deal scenario based on Institute for Fiscal Studies data. Ian said: The Liberal Democrats are standing up to stop Brexit and build a brighter future for the UK. Brexit has taken far longer and cost far more than anyone said it would. But any form of Brexit will damage our jobs, our economy and our public services, starving them of vital cash as the economy struggles along. The Liberal Democrats will stop Brexit and then use the £50bn Remain Bonus to invest in our public services. Every vote for the Liberal Democrats is a vote to stop Brexit, build a brighter future and invest the £50bn Remain bonus in our vital public services.   Continue reading

Please Help My Campaign

  Please help my campaign! We are having really positive conversations with voters and we need your help to: - get leaflets out- knock on doors- do clerical work- help with digital campaigning or else please consider a donation - visit my website www.iansollom.org Continue reading

Ian could topple the Tories in South Cambridgeshire

I'm just a few steps away from winning in South Cambridgeshire. Polling data* shows the Liberal Democrats are the best chance of beating the Conservative candidate in our constituency. South Cambridgeshire deserves an MP who speaks for the majority of its voters. I want to stop Brexit so that we can focus on the real problems facing our country, like tackling climate change, building homes our children can afford and getting proper funding for our public services. Together, we can Stop Brexit and build a brighter future. Help my campaign using this website to pledge your vote, help me campaign or donate to my campaign. Thank you!   *polling data taken from tactical voting website: getvoting.org which recommends voting Liberal Democrat in South Cambs to Stop Brexit   Continue reading

Ian's campaign against school cuts

83% of our schools nationwide will still lose out next year because of the Conservative’s cuts to school funding. Despite promises to increase funding, the detail of the Government’s latest announcement shows it is nowhere near enough, falling well short of correcting the shortfall for every child. Crucially, it fails to reverse the cuts schools have suffered since 2015. As the crisis in school funding continues, we have the largest class sizes in the developed world. One in 8 secondary pupils are in classes with over 30 students. How can we expect children to learn and thrive in this environment? As the Dad of a primary school child, I am determined to ensure our schools in South Cambridgeshire are fully funded. They should not have to make the difficult decision that many South Cambs schools of having to cut staff hours. If you agree with me, sign my petition and join me to demand better for our schools. Continue reading

We Can Stop Brexit!

There’s going to be a General Election. It’s on, and there’s everything to play for. For more than three years I have campaigned for Remain and our next step to stopping Brexit here in South Cambridgeshire is electing the pro-Remain candidate with the best chance of winning to be our next MP - and I passionately believe that is me. Heidi Allen has made a what I'm sure has been an incredibly difficult decision and one she or any other MP shouldn’t have been forced to make. It’s not right for anyone to be treated this way. But I'm proud to be picking up the baton again as the candidate for South Cambs Lib Dems.   Continue reading

About Ian Sollom

This is the Candidate website for Ian Sollom, who is the Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Candidate for South Cambridgeshire. Ian is currently a District Councillor and part of the administration in charge of South Cambs District Council. Ian lives with his young family in Cambridgeshire, where he has lived for 15 years, first coming to Cambridge to study for a PhD in Astrophysics. We hope this site gives you all the information you need to decide to give Ian your vote to be your Lib Dem Candidate for South Cambridgeshire.If not, please do no hesitate to get in touch with any questions you might have.