Equal Rights

I'm proud to be part of a local party that has 3 BAME councillors in South Cambs constituency. Here with one, @CouncillorTumi, we stand united against the racist, xenophobic, dog-whistle politics of Boris Johnson and his ex-journalist friend standing to be the Tory candidate. South Cambs deserves better.If elected as your LibDem MP I will fight for the right of people to live their lives free from discrimination or intrusion and without fear of having their most fundamental rights violated. Sadly, this is not the reality in the UK today. The hostile environment has unacceptably trampled on people’s rights and people are still discriminated against on the basis of their gender, race, age, sexuality, gender identity, religion or whether they are disabled. Inequalities are rife – children from Black households are more likely to be in persistent poverty and both hate crimes and violence against women and girls are far too prevalent.The Conservatives and Labour have entirely failed to stand up to hatred or combat entrenched inequalities. The Conservatives have been relentlessly hostile in their rhetoric and policy around migration and have failed to take allegations of Islamophobia within their party seriously; Jeremy Corbyn has failed to tackle institutional anti-Semitism in the Labour Party. Continue reading

Poll News

  If you want to help us keep Boris Johnson from his majority here in South Cambs - Vote LibDem Vote LibDem #LibDem Vote LibDem Continue reading

Stop Brexit Now

  Voters face years more of Brexit with Johnson’s plan but he hasn’t the guts or honesty to admit it.Johnson’s plan means either years and years of negotiations . . . or a disastrous No Deal Brexit in a year’s time.  Yet the Prime Minister peddles yet another deception by pretending Brexit could soon be all over if people voted Tory.There’s only one quick way to get Brexit done – and that’s to stop it, by giving Liberal Democrats the votes to make this nightmare end. Continue reading

Three Things before Voting

https://www.facebook.com/IanFSollom/videos/470102830377305/   Three things to remember before you vote: 1. The Liberal Democrats can win in South Cambs.The Lib Dems beat both Labour and the Conservatives at the European Elections back in May - and took control of South Cambs District Council at the local elections in 2018. More and more people across the UK are switching to back the Liberal Democrats on Thursday 12th December. 2. Labour can’t win in South Cambs.Labour supporters across the country are asking themselves who is best placed to beat the Conservatives and stop them from taking the country backwards. The crucial question in those places is “who can stop the Tories”? In South Cambs the answer is the Liberal Democrats.   Continue reading

Nurses not Brexit

They need nurses, not Brexit . . . . . .and doctors and all manner of healthcare professionals who are leaving the country with the prospect of Brexit. The Liberal Democrats are the only party certain to #StopBrexit so that the country can get back to looking after its people. We can use the money saved to ensure that we have enough healthcare professionals to staff our hospitals and medical centres. Let's #StopBrexit   Continue reading

Liberal Democrats the best chance for South Cambs

The recent YouGov MRP poll mirrors the response from voters we've spoken to on the doorsteps — that we, the Liberal Democrats, are the only chance of beating Boris Johnson's candidate here in South Cambridgeshire. But there are many who have yet to make up their mind so if you can help me with this campaign do get involved. We have a great team here in South Cambs, Remainers who are strongly motivated to keep up our fight to Stop Boris's bad Brexit deal. #StopBrexit www.iansollom.org/volunteer   Continue reading


We are facing a national housing crisis. The Liberal Democrats will establish a Rent to Own model for social housing. This is part of our plan for a #BrighterFuture. https://www.libdems.org.uk/plan The Liberal Democrats will also provide government-backed tenancy deposit loans for all first-time renters under 30. Continue reading

Campaign Update

It's been another whirlwind week! Our amazing teams of deliverers and canvassers have been pounding the pavement in all weather, distributing thousands of leaflets and knocking on countless doors all over South Cambs. Last week we smashed our target of 3000 contact attempts, and thanks to all our volunteers’ tireless efforts, we’re all set to keep up this momentum till polling day. Continue reading

Immigration and Asylum

Free movement gives us the right to live, work, study and retire across the continent. The Liberal Democrats will stop Brexit and retain our free movement. Read our plan here 👇🏻 https://www.libdems.org.uk/plan-immigration Continue reading

LibDems and the Climate Emergency

Photograph: Grimshaw Architects/PA The Guardian 14 September 2019: ' "Citizens’ assemblies will decide what action should be taken on the climate crisis, the Treasury’s ability to stymie green measures will be neutralised and the Green Investment Bank will be revived under proposals set to be key planks of the Liberal Democrats’ general election bid.Along with sweeping reform of Whitehall, including bringing back a department of climate change, local government would be given new powers to cut emissions, there would be a moratorium on airport expansion and an end to fracking, and the UK would achieve net-zero carbon status by 2045 – five years sooner than the current government goal.“Moving to net-zero is a complete game-changer,” Wera Hobhouse, the Lib Dem spokesperson for the environment and climate change, told the Guardian. “The whole of government and society need to understand the need to get to net-zero – everything we do needs to be seen in terms of that target.” ' Continue reading